Frequently asked questions about the lobbybots.

Why are there no cosmetics?

We are not allowed to grant you access to all cosmetics, however we can not stop you if customize EZFN to still get them.

How can I add my friends?

It is not possible to add friends who do not use EZFN. But you can tell your friends to download EZFN and then add them.

How can I join a match?

We can currently not provide a good match experience, you can still join a match but do not except it to properly work.

Why did the match stopped loading?

When you click "Play" you will get into a loading screen, after a time there should popup that says that a debugger has been found (If you are in Fullscreen mode you may not see it), you can simply click okay and it will continue loading.

How can I lower my ping?

When you are in a match you will have a ping of 1100, this is only because it replays a match, you do not actually have a ping of 1100.

Why does my Antivirus software say that the Launcher is a virus?

It can happen that your Antivirus software (falsely) detects the EZFN Launcher as a virus, this is because the launcher modifies Fortnite to redirect the traffic to our servers.

I can not remove the EZFN Launcher?

If you are trying to remove the EZFN Launcher it can sometimes fail, this is since the DLL is still injected to the Fortnite process and therefoce in use. You can simply close Fortnite (and wait a bit) or just restart your PC to make sure all processes are dead.